If you’re hiring a family law attorney, you’re probably facing one of the most emotionally challenging times of your life. Divorce—and everything that goes with it—is difficult.

But it doesn’t have to be traumatic. The right lawyer can help you navigate a divorce, child custody or child support case, while protecting not just your financial interests, but your emotional ones as well. And not just for you, but for everyone involved.

Many people believe “Family Law” simply refers to divorce and child custody. While it’s true that those issues are a significant part of a family law practice, we also handle paternity, drafting prenuptial agreements, visitation, and enforcement or modification of your divorce decree.   At the Law Office of Gretchen Schrader, our goal is to truly serve the complete needs of your family.

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o Gretchen worked on my divorce case and was amazing. Very responsive, gave great advice and helped me navigate a divorce that had been held up for years. Would definitely recommend anyone to her! (Anonymous, via Avvo)

o Gretchen was beyond professional, helping me step by step while helping me understand the law and keeping me non -emotional. Her attention to detail, along with her professionalism make her such an outstanding attorney. I whole heartily recommend them. I would be happy to speak personally with any prospective clients about what an amazing job Gretchen & the team did. (J.C. via Avvo)

o Gretchen was efficient with communication, professional in her demeanor and very knowledgeable in IL law. I appreciated that she did not overcharge me for her time and quickly resolved all matters in my case. The day of my divorce, she was genuinely as happy for me as I was. All terms that I wanted were met and I couldn’t be happier. I feel they are more than reasonably priced for the services received. (K.W., via Avvo)

o Gretchen Schrader most assuredly went way beyond ‘the call of duty’ on my behalf. Your experience, kindness, thoughtfulness, and competence achieved the desired result. (E.B., via Yelp)

o I hired Gretchen Schrader for handling my pre-marital agreement. She was transparent about her work steps and cost (which I think was fair), responded fast, was very efficient and a clear and great communicator, and she spotted issues with, and made great recommendations how to improve on, the prenup draft by my fiancée’s lawyer. I am maximally happy with her work. (A.K., via Google)