Family law cases sometimes create special situations. If you need us, we can help with:

Paternity Matters

If you have children but are not married to the other parent, both parents still maintain all the rights and responsibilities to the child as if you were married—including custody, visitation, child support, college and removal issues. A paternity matter doesn’t involve division of property or maintenance—only issues related to children and their expenses.

Grandparent and Third Party Rights to Custody and Visitation.

In very specific circumstances, a third party, who is not a parent, may have standing to pursue either custody or visitation of a minor child. We have represented grandparents, step-parents and other third-party relatives in pursuing these rights.

Enforcement and Modification of the Divorce Decree

There are two primary reasons why you might need to return to Court after a final decision or agreement is entered in your case:

  • Enforcement If your former spouse was supposed to do something but refuses to—not paying child support, for example, or not allowing visitation rights—you may seek enforcement of those terms. If the Court finds that the non-compliance was without justification, the Court can award you reasonable attorneys’ fees.
  • Modifying terms of the divorce decree Property division is not modifiable but other issues—such as the amount of child support or maintenance, or the custody and visitation terms—can be altered under specific conditions. We are prepared to help you analyze your situation to determine if you meet the grounds necessary to seek modification.

Orders of Protection

In the unfortunate situation where you or your children are victims of domestic violence, or if you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, we have experience in navigating and litigating these matters so the truth is presented to the Court.

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